28 November 2011

26th Golden Disk Awards 2pm Voting

Are you a real and proud HOTTEST!So what are you waiting for?!2pm needs our support,so let's vote for Golden Disk Award(GDA) Hottest!!

For your knowlegde,the 26th Golden Disk Awards (GDA) which will take place in Osaka,Japan is awarded to the most popular KPop Wave star and the online voting counts only a proportion of the total score.The voting is open until 26th December, and fans can vote once per day. Note that anyone can vote for 2pm,regardless of your locations. So what are you waiting?!

To start voting follow these simple instructions:
1) Go to GDA voting page:  Here
2) The website is in Korean but no worry,I'll guide you through the registration/voting process.
3) First to be able to vote,you must register.Click on “회원가입” (Register) in the upper right corner of the page.The registration box will open.

4) Then click the button  “일만회원 가입하기” in the registration box to start creating your account.

5)After that fill in the small form to create your account by entering your ID, email address and password. Make sure the box is checked and then click “가입하기”.

6)A confirmation box will pop up to inform you to verify your email in order to validate/activate your account. Just click OK.

7)After validating your account from your email(inbox), login on GDA website  by clicking on “로그인” in the upper right corner. Enter your ID and password and then click “로그인” 
Note:You can as well login directly using your facebook or twitter account without going through the registration process!

7)Now scroll down the page and look for 2pm.Then click on "투표하기" to vote.That's it!:)

Note: Only one vote per person per day is allowed.GDA doesn't allow multiple account creation as well. Therefore, if  ”이미 투표하였습니다.” appears when you click on voting, this means that your vote has already been cast. Therefore,you have to wait until the next day. Note as well, voting will close on 26th December!

@Ailine Ng
Please take out with full and proper Credits.Thanks!


Thanks:)It was very helpful!

Thankss!!!Will start voting everyday now!2pm hottest:)

Thank you for helping non korean to vote:)
2PM fans R U READY?!:)

Thanks!2pm should win!!But why there ratings are always low??It's always SJ & GG on top!Unfair Kpop Industry!
Put your hands up and vote hottests!